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BIG LAUGHS FOR LITTLE KIDS is a kids joke book for 5 -7 year olds containing lots of hilarious age appropriate jokes accompanied by equally hilarious cartoons. it includes some brilliant knock knock jokes too.

  • A great way to encourage kids to read and keep their interest. Ideal for road trips.
  • Inside you will find a clear uncluttered design.
  • This kids joke book is lovingly illustrated with detailed cartoons that provide a visual aid to some children who may otherwise lose interest with simply reading line after line of jokes.

Warning: Sore bellies and painful sides have been reported by grandparents, parents and kids alike from this rib tickling and eye wateringly hilarious kids joke book. Young readers will have a blast sharing these jokes with family, friends and other kids at school.


Recommended for ages 5 and above


Pre-order books are usually available for dispatch within 3 working days.

Big Laughs For Little Kids: Joke Book for Boys and Girls ages 5-7

SKU: 024
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