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What’s so great about being good at magic? Bella Broomstick would much rather be a good friend. Anyway, she’s been banned from casting spells since she was sent to live in Person World. Most of the time, Bella doesn’t even miss her magic. After all, right now Merrymeet town is abuzz with a fabulous dance competition. Bella can’t wait to enter! Who needs spells? But when wicked witch Aunt Hemlock shows up, Bella might just need some magic after all…

  • Fourth in this funny series about little witch Bella
  • Charming story of friendship and doing the right thing
  • By the author of Shrinking Violet and Princess DisGrace
  • Mid-length novel with plenty of adorable pictures


Recommended for ages 8 and above

Bella Broomstick #4: Strictly Spells

SKU: 013
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